How Do You Justify Business Service Fees?

October 22, 2016

The one thing I have seen through my years as a coach that horrifies me, is that the owners of service businesses become defensive and kill the value perception for their business when a perspective client balks at their pricing structure. If you are not confident in your fees how do you expect the potential client to be? When you become defensive and try to justify you have lost the battle before it has even started. You have lost to opportunity to build Value Perception for your expertise.

Here are some Don’t s when you are faced with the question “How much do you charge?”

Don’t become defensive!
Don’t justify!
Don’t make excuses!
Don’t compare and contrast between you and your competition!

Here are some Do’ s when you are faced with the question “How much do you charge?”

Do remain confident!
Do give benefits!
Do authenticate credibility!
Do use testimonials!

I’ll give you an example that recently happened to me. I got a call from a perspective new client who wanted to understand more about the benefits of coaching. She had been referred to me from someone I had met at a networking meeting. Our conversation was going quite well when I started to notice she was hesitating a bit with her questions. Realizing where she was trying to go I asked her to just ask me the question that was really on her mind. I knew this would help put her at ease and give her the confidence to ask me “How much do I charge?”

I paused for just a second before answering to allow her to refocus on our question at hand. I briefly explained my fee structure and waited for a moment to let her absorb the information. A couple of seconds went by and then she tells me that my pricing is a little high. I smiled to myself and went into my DO’ s when asked “How much do you charge?”

I did remain confident in my presentation!
I did explain to her the benefits of working with me!
I did authenticate my credibility with a ROI analysis of past and present clients!
I did use a couple of client testimonials regarding my ability to motivate them into action.

All this time I was building value perception in my services and fee structure. By the time we were getting ready to conclude our consultation she was starting to grasp the talent and ability I had to help individuals reach their full personal and business potential.
Now I stopped her and asked her to take a couple of days to think about working with me and to call on a couple of the clients I have for a reference.

I gave her the names and contact information of two of my existing clients and suggested she check back with me in day or two.

The very next day I received a call from one of the references I gave her telling me she was going to start with me next week. My existing client apparently closed the sale for me.

How to Start a Bookkeeping Business Service

October 20, 2016

With a bookkeeping business, you’ll have no shortage of potential clients as so many people dislike bookkeeping and are willing to hire a professional to take care of it for them.

Better yet, bookkeeping services are always in demand, even in a shaky economy, as businesses require additional help managing their finances and evaluating budgets.

Successful bookkeepers need to be reliable, precise, thorough and willing to review their work for accuracy. Your clients will depend on you and so you’ll need to be willing to commit yourself to fulfilling your obligations, and in taking great care to handle their business and personal bookkeeping with the upmost professionalism.

In order to set up a home based bookkeeping service, you will need to be experienced in accounting and utilizing spreadsheet software, so this business is best suited for those who have had previous experience working in financial and accounting departments for companies or employers.

If you don’t have the experience needed, you could consider taking a short-term accounting course through your local community college. You could also take a distance training course from hoe through online colleges and training facilities to gain the knowledge and experience needed to run a successful bookkeeping business.

I recommend purchasing “QuickBooks Pro” (retail $200-$240) which is the most popular accounting software on the market today and also the easiest to use, even if you have no experience bookkeeping.

The overall profits of a bookkeeping service is absolutely phenomenal as your start up costs and business operation costs are minimal once you have the software and management tools that you need. You can expect to earn anywhere between $30-$50 per hour based on the services you offer and the types of clients you accept.

In order to determine your price structure, you will want to evaluate existing bookkeeping services in your area, as well as the level of work you do, ranging from basic book keeping to extensive preparation of financial statements and business accounts.

Bookkeepers often include tax returns in their service listing each year as a way of making extra money on a seasonal basis.

A great way to get started in bookkeeping is by targeting brand new businesses. There are over 500,000 new start-ups each year within the United States alone and many of these people require help in managing and maintaining their business records, because they are new to the world of commerce!

Consider targeting these start-up businesses by offering them an overview of the services you offer, along with your business card.

If you have experience and training, you will want to highlight that on your service sheet by attaching an “Credentials” page to the pamphlet.

A home-based bookkeeping business carries a very low start up cost. In fact, you can build your business for less than $1,000, and if you already own a personal computer and accounting software, your costs are tremendously cut down even more!

In fact, all you will really need is a business registration unless you intend to do business using your own name.

Other benefits of a home-based bookkeeping business include:

– No zoning requirements
Since you will be completing your work from your home office, there is no traffic to and from your home, eliminating the need for business zoning or licensing.

– No Special Equipment Needed
Other than a personal PC, accounting software and a fax machine, there is little involved or needed in starting a home based bookkeeping service.

– Work On The Side
Many bookkeepers start their business to supplement their existing income, and since you can set your own hours and take on only a few clients, this business is something you can do while keeping your full time job.

Secret Internet Marketing Strategy Lets You Buy Ad Space And Other Business Services At 90% Off

October 20, 2016

What if I told you there really is a “secret” way of buying everything you want and need for your Internet marketing business for 20, 15 even 10 cents on the dollar?

Believe it or not, you can.

In fact, I’ve saved thousands of dollars with the secret I’m going to show you in this article. And you will, too.

Here’s how:

There is a billion dollar global industry called the barter or “trade” industry — where literally every kind of business you can think of does business in a large network called a “barter exchange.”

And these exchanges are like huge “buying clubs”, where all the different member businesses are automatically inclined to buy from one another.

For example…

When the web designer joins…everyone in the exchange gets a notice about it, and whoever needs a web designer is probably going to hire him.

And the same goes for everyone else who joins — the plumber, the lawyer, the dentist, the copywriter, the pharmacy, the magazine, the consultant, the newspaper, the web hosting company etc. (Almost every single product and service provider that exists are in these exchanges.)

And here’s what’s interesting:

These businesses do not buy and sell from each other with regular “government circulated” money.

Instead, they use “trade” dollars — which are actual currency, just like a U.S. dollar bill is currency — but that can only be spent within the barter exchange.

It’s like a giant “Monopoly” game. You can only spend Monopoly money within the game itself. But outside the game it’s completely worthless.

And the same goes with trade dollars. They can be used like cash, but only with the businesses in the exchange.

And these businesses buy each other’s goods and services with these “trade” dollars, instead of regular dollars.

Now here’s the kicker:

A few years back I discovered a secret “loophole” — 100% legal and ethical — in the barter industry that lets you buy any of the thousands of products and services (including Internet marketing services) sold on trade for as little as 20, 15 even 10 cents on the dollar of “real” money.

Internet Business Services – Leverage Your Time With Online Services to Make Money

October 18, 2016

If you are in the midst of starting an internet business, you may have to consider a few online services to help you. There are many aspects of setting up an online business, but the main one is choosing the right business model. There are literally thousand of ways you can make money from the web. One method which has been proven profitable is affiliate marketing. Many successful online marketers started off as an affiliate for a merchant. Even with an affiliate marketing business, there are certain things you can do to be more profitable. This article will share some ideas on the topic.

The concept of affiliate marketing is basically signing up as a marketing agent for a merchant, promote the product by driving traffic and get paid when you make a sale. One factor that is constant in the equation is your personal time. There is only so much time you can spend to build your business. To make your enterprise more profitable, you would have to invest in online services to help your business grow.

One main service that you cannot do without is an Autoresponder. An autoresponder is basically a program that send out prewritten emails to the recipients. One of the proven internet marketing strategy is to set up an opt-in page and drive traffic to it. When a visitor lands on the page, your goal is to collect his email address. The purpose is to follow up with him when he leaves your web site. This is because most people do not buy on their first visit to a merchant. By sending out follow up emails with useful content, it gives you a higher chance to make a sale when the prospective customer is ready to buy.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest way to set up an internet business. To make your business successful, you would have to leverage your time and effort on internet services. With a hectic daily schedule, any ideas that can help you to grow your business will be a blessing. www.sproutetz.?eu.?org